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Beta app

-CURATE beta app has been released for iOS and Android.
A demo preview of what’s to come very soon in the full app!

We expect the full app to be released soon!

Download the beta app:


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Dear CURATE community,

First of all, we would like to thank each one of you for sticking with us and our vision for so long, and being so patient.

Finally, CURATE is here to bring good-long awaited news.

Our application development is in its final stages, and we will launch the CURATE app this month.

Next to our app listing, XCUR will be listed on two exchanges in the coming days.


Our aim is to end this year with the listing of our app.
Our team of developers and designers is working at completing this goal, and finally, publish our app for a broad audience, so everyone can finally use the CURATE APP, and benefit from its usage. …

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CURATE is proud to announce that our XCUR token will be listed on the UNISWAP — ‘’A fully decentralized protocol for automated liquidity provision on Ethereum.’’

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Our app development finalization

We are very proud to announce that the development of our application is in its final stages. Our developer team worked throughout previous months, and we are pleased to say that application supporting iOS devices will go live in the next weeks! We still do not have an exact date, but our best estimation is- earliest in 2 weeks, and in a long case scenario 5 weeks.
Upon iOS release, an Android release will follow and will arrive April-May.

Application beta waitlist

Following the launch, our community members can secure their spot as beta testers.
Community members can enjoy the beta testing and provide us with important feedback for the future of our app development, and receive free perks for their commitment such as account upgrades, token rewards and more! …

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We are excited to announce the inside details of our CURATE mobile application.
Meanwhile, as our team is working on bringing the application live, we decided to share some sneak-peaks with our community.


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Our forum

Our team created the only forum that offers you free BTC and CUR8 tokens for engaging with our amazing community!

The forum is an easier and more productive way to connect with one another in a friendly environment on all sorts of topics (not just crypto), also it’s a place for the team to help you with:

- CURATE announcements and news
- $CUR8 token listings, price and availability
- Development updates (app, website and brands partnerships)
- Ways to earn free tokens and BTC
- Exclusive giveaway competitions
+ More!

Join our forum, enjoy the discussion, share thoughts of your own, and learn something new each day! …

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CURATE company on the front with our CEO-James Hakim would like to thank everyone for a great year! 2019 was a year of CURATE coming to life, our IEO taking place, and our community growing to what it’s now. We are thankful for every one of you for making this come into a reality!


Going into the new year, our team will stay on course with the task on our app development, funding and making our platform live!
Our updated roadmap for 2020:

Q1 2020

CURATE app development complete and beta testing begins

Initial merchant/brand partnerships go live

Referral programme…

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Our IEO is officially finished!

We were successful in raising $300,000 USD (most of this came from private investors).

As such, our investors have asked us to delay our token listing date by 12 months to allow time for the Curate app to gain momentum and build up a userbase. We are sorry as we believe that we slightly let down our community by this decision, but it was essential for our funding due to our app development.

Curate will remain available to purchase from the following places until April 2020:

Curate (DEX)
AirSwap Instant (DEX)
BuzzinBot (bot)

Curate app…

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Round 3 of our IEO on p2ppb2b has started. You can get your CURATE tokens with a 25% discount until November 24th.
As always, you can also buy our token directly thru our

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IEO on SHORTEX-round 2

‘’SHORTEX is the first fully independent crypto ecosystem competing with fiat money and driving real crypto adoption worldwide.’’



CURATE Project

CURATE is a style discovery decentralized app (DApp) i.e ‘blockchain enabled’ platform, which rewards you with digital tokens in the form of ETH

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